• Lawn Care Questions

    It rained after my application will it wash off?
    Our products are water soluble and are effective one they dry on the plants.  Please allow 10-14 days for results.

    Will the application hurt my children/pets?
    Our products are registered by the E.P.A. and are safe to both people and pets.

    How long should I stay off the lawn?
    Re entry is safe once products have dried.  Usually 20-25 minutes (weather permitting).

    How long before weed control takes effect?
    Weed control must trans-locate thru the plant; this process usually takes 10-14 days.

    What is the length of time between the applications?
    Depending on your chosen lawn care program, our applications are normally done 6-8 weeks apart.

    How long should it take Spectrum's Licensed Techs to complete my application?
    Our rule of thumb is 1 minute per every 1000 square feet.  Times will vary depending on size of lawn.

    What type of fertilizing equipment do you use?
    We use a variety of broadcast spreaders and low-volume sprayers.

    Why do you fertilize zoysia later than other grass?
    Zoysia is fertilized in late spring and summer, during its growing season.

    When can I water the lawn? 
    Lawns may be watered any time after products have dried.  It is best practice to water 24 hours after application, if possible.

    Tell me about crabgrass? 
    -Crabgrass' primary germination is in early to mid-Spring.
    -We recommend an early start with Spectrum's applications to help control the germination
    -Most crabgrass issues are created by very hot conditions and mowing grass too short.

    When is the best time to water?
    The best time to water is early morning, specifically pre-dawn.  There is less evaporation and it allows the lawn to dry out naturally through the course of the day.  Avoid watering in the evening or at night, as this practice encourages disease. 

    Why does my lawn have brown spots?
    There are many variables, but most brown spots issues are drought related.  If the lawn has been kept properly watered, disease or insects may be the culprit.  It is best to have us take a look!

    Why does the lawn have wild violets? 
    Wild violets are a persistent, perennial weed and one of the most difficult to control.  They spread by both seeds and creeping phizomes. Frequently, two or more applications are needed with fall applications generally being more effective.

    What is nutsedge (water grass) and how is it treated? 
    Nutsedge is a perennial sedge that germinated from nutlets buried in the soil.  Hot temperatures and available moisture encourages germination.  Currently there are no preventive measures to control germination.  Nutsedge can only be treated after emergence.  Multiple applications may be required. 

    Why do I have mushrooms in my beds/lawn?
    Mushrooms are the result of decaying organic matter (usually wood) buried under the surface of the turf.  It could be building material or a dead tree root.  Mushrooms must be physically removed.

    What can I do about pet urine damage?
    Pet urine damages turf due to a very high concentration of salts in a small area.  Irrigating will help, yet results can be limited.

  • Tree & Shrub Questions

    Do you treat Sweet Gum trees for the sweet gum balls?
    Spectrum does not treat for sweet gum balls.  The window of opportunity to spray them is very narrow and results have been limited.

    What is the difference between bagworms and tent caterpillars?
    Tent caterpillars wave tents in a fork of a branch or tree trunk.  They leave the nest to feed.  Bagworms produce conspicuous spindle shaped cocoons on trees and shrubs.  Both are relatively easy to control.

    What can be done about Japanese beetles?
    Spectrum can treat the beetles that are present at the time of the Insect & Disease application.  However, that doesn't prevent more from appearing after treatment.  Japanese beetles can require multiple Insect & Disease control applications.

  • Landscaping/ Landscape Maintenance Questions

    Do you remove trees?
    Yes, depending on the height of the tree.  Call for an estimate

    When is the best time to prune shrubs/trees?
    General rule to trimming is post-flower.  June-July and October-November are the best times of the year to trim.

    What is included in a Spring/Fall Clean-up?
    Spectrum provides a complete removal of leaves, sticks, and twigs from decorative beds and turf areas.  Spring clean-up is best done before the spring flush, as to not damage new growth of plant foliage.

    When is the best time to lay sod?
    Sod can be placed anytime, depending on availability.