• Lawn Care Programs

    Preferred Lawn Care Program-  Our six round application program that will make your property stand above all the others!

    Recommended Lawn Care Program- Our five round application program that we acclaim as the standard.  (Spectrum's most popular package for residential properties)

    Maintenance Lawn Care Program- Our four round application program is the minimum necessary to maintain results.  (Popular with our commercial accounts)

    Zoysia Programs Also Offered 

    The more regularly Spectrum associates are on your property, the more steadfast the results


  • Specaility Applications

    Grub Control- Preventative treatment to protect your turf from beetle offspring.

    Nutsedge (Water grass) Treatment- Additional treatment, may need multiple applications.  There is no way to prevent this perennial weed. 

    Surface Insect Control- Application of insecticide to help control surface insects, such as sod webworm and chinch bugs.  May need multiple applications for continued control.

    Disease/Fungus Control- Surface application of fungicides to control active diseases.  May need multiple applications. 

    Root Hormone- Application designed to help turf recover after insect or disease damage.  Also excellent for new seed/sod establishment.

    Flea & Tick Application- Application of insecticide to help control non-turf feeding pests.  May need multiple applications due to mulit-generations.