• Lawn Care Programs

    Preferred Lawn Care Program-  Our Seven Treatment application program (Fertilizer, Crabgrass, Weed, Insect and Grub Control) that will make your property stand above all the others!

    Recommended Lawn Care Program- Our Six Treatment application program (Fertilizer, Crabgrass, Weed, Insect and Grub Control) that we acclaim as the standard.  Spectrum's most popular package for residential properties

    Maintenance Lawn Care Program- Our Four Treatment application program (Fertilizer, Crabgrass and Weed Control) is the minimum necessary to maintain results.  (Popular with our commercial accounts) **No control of summer annual weeds**

    Zoysia Programs Also Offered 

    The more regularly Spectrum associates are on your property, the more steadfast the results


  • Specaility Applications

    Grub Control- Preventative treatment to protect your turf from beetle offspring.

    Nutsedge (Water grass) Treatment- Additional treatment, may need multiple applications.  There is no way to prevent this perennial weed. 

    Surface Insect Control- Application of insecticide to help control surface insects, such as sod webworm and chinch bugs.  May need multiple applications for continued control.

    Disease/Fungus Control- Surface application of fungicides to control active diseases.  May need multiple applications. 

    Root Hormone- Application designed to help turf recover after insect or disease damage.  Also excellent for new seed/sod establishment.